Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stronger and Better!

So Friday I had a pretty great workout! I may complain while I am doing it but I love the fact that my body is being challenged in every way!  I want to say the second week of working out with Joe he tried to get me to do a core hold and I couldn't do it there was no way possible for me to keep my lower half and upper half of my body off the ground at the same time. It is always very disheartening to me when I physically cannot do something asked of me. Why in the heck did I let myself to get this way! It is very fruastrating but I keep pushing through. Well on Friday Joe said lets see if we can do a core hold I was quick to try and guess what I DID IT and I held it for 30 seconds TWICE might I add!! That is a huge thing for me isn't it amazing how you can accomplish things with hard work! The guy in the picture looks way better doing it but you get the idea LOL.

I have to say that my new love is yoga believe it or not.. I think it's funny how I accidentally stumbled into something that would become one of favorite activities of ALL TIME!! On Sunday I was in yoga class and it gave me a little giggle when the guy next to me who was very much in shape couldn't hold the downward dog as long as I could. After class he had to ask me how I do it, I told him that under all this excess fat and skin is muscles in the making he giggled and told me to keep up the good work. I really wanted to shout "I am HULK" :) seriously though I am amazed by my journey every day, some days I need a little encouragement to see the progress I have made but for the most part I see it and it's AMAZING. Not to sound like I am getting a big head but I love when I haven't seen someone in awhile and they tell me how great I look it It makes me smile all the way from my soul! It's nice when my hard work is acknowledged occasionally. Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and you are all getting out and being active in this beautiful weather! I know I am :).


Thompson Family said...

I tried that and I couldn't do it Dawn! Now my boys are trying to do it lol :).

dawn said...

LOL good I dont feel to bad now! the boys are probably better than all of us at doing it lol!!