Monday, January 14, 2013

A Year in Review :)

So I know it has been awhile since I have blogged and I'm sorry it just seems like sometimes life consumes you doesn't it? The consumption has been a good one though! So this has been a HUGE year for me. I will never ever ever regret choosing to sign up for the gym because funny thing is working out gave me my life back! I am down over 100 pounds and LOVING IT! Working out gives me so much more than weight loss it gives me confidence, courage, strength and most importantly  it gives me the ability to believe in myself again :) If you would have asked me about my life a year ago I would have told you that I was pretty much friendless and pretty miserable with my life and my life choices. I was all these things because I was too FAT to do anything I was killing myself with inactivity and FOOD! I couldn't even walk to my car without being out of breath and my clothes were rapidly going to the back of the closet because I was to fat to wear them. My marriage was suffering not because of my husband but because I was so insecure with myself that I couldn't give him what he needed and trust me he never judged me EVER. But when you feel so insecure that you can't love yourself  then you can't possibly love another. But just walking into the gym changed all of that!

 Today I am happy to say that I know some pretty amazing people!! All the trainers and staff at 24 hours fitness have showed me so much love and support through this process that I don't think I could ever thank them enough :) I am such happy camper  now and people at the gym see that. I get so many people who come up to talk to me now, some want to know my story and some just want to tell me that they are proud of me! Perfect strangers it is such a warming feeling to know that I have support of people who see me every day. I have made some pretty amazing friends in the process of this journey I have made a life long bond with my friend Marixol she's has shown me so much love and support I am so glad we are friends. And Joe well everyone knows how I feel about Joe hes is my strength when I have none! He makes even the saddest day happy! My husband has been AMAZING he tells me all the time how amazing I am doing and it means the world to me. My family is an amazing source of support we went to Kentucky for Christmas and the response I got from my family there really really was amazing. Thanks guys :)

I am also famous!! Forgot to mention that part didn't I?? My success story is posted at the gym and on their Facebook page. It was really exciting to run up the stairs and see my picture on the wall! Gives me even more confidence in what I am doing! SOOO thank you everyone for your support you all mean the world to me!! Remember that the quick road full of short cuts isn't always the best road cause then you miss all the beautiful scenery :)  and just know If I can do it so can you!! 

410 pounds

310 :)