Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Progress Picture :)

So this morning I was working out and one of the trainers and her client asked me what I was doing, if I had a special diet or anything they said I was looking amazing it made me smile :) and they went around the corner and I could hear them saying how fantastic I looked. It really makes your day when someone acknowledges all the hard work you are doing doesn't it?? Sometimes I dont see the progress I have made because I and most definitely my biggest critic. But sometimes when I pass a mirror I don't recognize myself! so as promised here is a side progress photo this is where you can really see me taking shape literally LOL. Now let me tell you that this is a two month difference I accidentally deleted my beginning picture which burns my buns! Did I mention I cant stop staring at it!!! :)
Hope everyone is have a great week, I know I am!!  


Thompson Family said...

Holy Cow! You can see a definite difference! I’m so happy for you! Go Dawn, go Dawn, go, go, go Dawn!!

Melissa Burt said...

Wow you can totally see your boobs. Ha ha. But seriously I can tell the major difference. Good job.

dawn said...

Thanks Elise. Melissa its so true!