Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Little Things.

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile but life has been a bit hectic. And in the middle of everything going on I have learned to love the little things in life. I have done some pretty great things this month. Made new friends, walked a 5K, got rid of some more weight :) Its been pretty great!

So there is a new trend in my life lately. Perfect strangers coming up to me and telling me how amazing they think I am! It is a great feeling to know that people that I see everyday at the gym see my hard work. But, with that being said it has been hard for me to take the compliments. I have never been the life of the party and if I was it was WAY back in a day I can't for the life of me remember. If you know me you know it takes awhile for me to warm up to you and become a complete and utter freak of nature LOL. But until I do I am pretty withdrawn and a bit more observant. So when strangers come up to me and tell me how they feel about me I tell them thank you and if they want to hug me I hug them SO you could say I am trying to be a bit more normal LOL :)

So like three weeks ago I was in Zumba working out with my amazing friend Marixol and I told her lets workout in front so I can take off my glasses (I AM BLIND!) and she said ok lets go! Well About 20 minutes into working out. I just became totally uncomfortable and instantly didn't want to be there. I was thinking to myself that I was a total fatty and I had no business in that class with seemingly normal looking people. But I fought off the feeling and stayed the class out. Well I am sure the Instructor felt me uncomfortableness and she came over to me and told me I did great and not to give up (bless her heart) So we went down stairs and I gave Marixol a hug and made a B line for the door. She followed me to ask me if I was ok and I lied and said I was fine. I just wanted out of there!! So I got home and Gerardo knew something was wrong but again I lied.. I got in the shower and cried for at least ten or fifteen minutes. I was crying and thinking that I wouldn't go back. But then I thought WAIT I LOVE THE GYM I can't give up.. So as defeated as I felt I got out of the shower and I got dressed and I went into the living room and there on my phone was a message that read "you are awesome don't forget it!" it was from Joe! He was not at the gym when I made a B line for the door. How did he know that right at that moment I needed to hear that? HOW??? Because that's how awesome he is  :) I honestly would have given up months ago if it wasn't for Joe. That I am sure of!! In this process he is the yang to my yin he keeps me grounded! And he listens to all my cries and gripes! And I am pretty sure I am a WHINER lol. but he listens and then tells me to get over it :) Joe I know you will read this and I just want to thank you for everything you do for me I think you are an AMAZING friend and an even more amazing trainer!!

So remember when you feel like giving up DON'T Push through the negative feelings it will get you to where you want to be!! I know being positive will get me to where I want to be! That and kick a** workouts. Learn to enjoy the sun shining and the birds chirping because it is all the little things in life that we are missing that can make us happy :)

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