Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Positivity is something that I lacked in life. It is so funny because if you would have asked me to do something outside of my physical capability (or what I thought was my physical capability) this time last year I would have just told you NO it is impossible, leave it for the people that can do it. I don't know where in my lifetime I lost my spark. I used to be so full of life! I mean I know I haven't had the best life. I have had some pretty traumatic things happen to me in my lifetime. But I still had a spark. I can not pinpoint when exactly I lost it but I did. I just simply gave up. BUT things happen for a reason people change. And as dead as I was on the inside I have changed! I live now. NO isn't in my vocabulary I dont care how impossible it seems to be I will try it! And I think that is why I have become such a positive person, nothing or no one can kill my spark anymore. Being negative gets us no where in life imagine if the world was filled with a bunch of people that just said no I can't do it, where would we be?

Making a positive change in my life has made the hard decisions in life easier. Exercise for one! And who knew I would LOVE it LOL. My diet I have completely turned it upside down and I thought for sure I would have a really hard time doing so BUT it was a snap! So there is something to say about changing your negative self image and making it a positive one. I am not going to say it is easy to do cause some days I had to fake the funk. LOL. But it is really easy to do if you have a good support system. I found my support system in the funniest place. Don't get me wrong I have some of the best family and friends EVER and I know they all support my decision! But for me I found my support system as soon as I walked in to the gym, the people that I have come across there are AMAZING! It is a great feeling when the front desk people know your name before you even check in. For a wall flower like me it makes me feel special :) I feel even more special that they take time out of their day to acknowledge all my hard work I always want to tell them that they mean the world to me. And Joe well GEEZ he has become like my back bone he's the friend that stands behind you and pushes you to move up in line when you aren't paying any attention!  I probably would have long given up instead of pushing harder! Without him I'd be lost!

So yea what I am saying is even on the darkest days you can be positive. you can do ANYTHING you set your mind too! For everyone (if anyone) who is reading this, if you have lost your spark I hope you find it again life is way to great to give up on! I wish you luck on all you endeavors what ever they may be! Move the road blocks and get to truckin' consider me your support! I will always tell each and every one of you that you are worth way more then you think you are!!

Happy truckin' everyone :)

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